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Before 2021

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Research Highlights in Nature: Why some animals have the power of regeneration. 

Research Highlights in Nature Reviews Genetics: Enhancing regeneration.

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Book Chapters and Protocols:

Wei Wang #, Nicolas Rohner #, and Yongfu Wang #. Book Series: Emerging Model Organisms, Neuromethods, volume 194, 2023. Link for the book: (# Corresponding Editors).

In addition to other models, this book covers essential information for establishing African killifish as a genetic model in the laboratory including fish room design, fish husbandry, gene editing, transgenesis, embryo hatching, in-situ hybridization, and other technologies frequently used in molecular and developmental biology.

Yufei Lou, Weifeng Lin , Wei Wang #, 2023. Efficient Transgenesis in African Turquoise Killifish Using a Gibson Assembly–Based Tol2 Transposon System. Cold Spring Harb Protoc.

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